Friday, July 19, 2013

Tacfit Commando - Review To The Point - What is Scott Sonnon No Telling You?

Tacfit Commando is advertised like a peek in the training system specific to real-life secret agents, SEALS, and marines. It contains the techniques that shape the muscles, maintain the body's alertness and insure great looks without any equipment at all.

The program meets the following criteria for:

Tacfit Commando specifics

The exercises available with the program limit a training session to 20 minutes, and they have to be performed three or four times a week. The intensity and the fat-melting efficiency correspond to a full hour of workout at the gym.

The training available with Tacfit Commando prepares the operator to react incredibly well to critical situations. Everybody wants to keep a cool head when in the heat of events.

The system uses a combination of high-intensity fat-burning circuits with strategies for skills development that promotes neurological sophistications. All the motor skills will thus be trained. 

There are also mobility exercises that make post-effort recovery faster and limit the injury risks of over-training.

A brief look into the package
  • the TacFit Commando Mission Brief Manual is a 119-page e-book full of uncomplicated methods for building muscles and skills;
  • the Mission Calendar helps the operator stick to a training plan, making the program easy to use;
  • the Video Mission Briefing Instructional Library explains every exercise and every workout per level; there are 9 video briefings included;
  • Secret Recovery Techniques of the Special Ops Video Series teaches you how to improve mobility and maintain physical readiness.

There is also a Deluxe Package that, besides the basic components presented above, further includes:
  • Follow-Along Mission Simulation Videos;
  • Rapid Recovery & Breathing Secrets of the Spec Ops;
  • The Tactical Readiness Diet Plan;
  • The Warrior Recipes eBook.

The voice of reason would say ...

Dont be too eager to train like a pro, unless you are a pro. You may take the program too seriously and make mistakes by over-usage. There is also the risk of developing a too aggressive mind-frame. Its wise to take the advice and the advertising talk in Tacfit Commando with a grain of salt!

Want to learn more about Scott Sonnon's and his reason to originate Tacfit Commando? Watch this video below: